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Announcing: The DABSJ Cookie Society

picture of cute boy eating a cookie

DABSJ’s newly launched monthly giving program is now the Cookie Society, inspired by a story from the organization’s past. 

During the Great Depression, it was decided the children of St. John’s Home (what is now DABSJ’s Residential Treatment program) would only get one cookie a day. Sister Leo Mergener, who managed food services at the time, complied… by baking each child a cookie almost as large as their head! You can imagine the joy on the children’s faces!

The story of Sister Leo and the cookies illustrates how big hearts can make a big impact. Just like those giant cookies filled the children’s hearts with happiness, your monthly support can make all the difference for kids and families in West Michigan

If you’d like to learn more and join the Cookie Society, click here.

DABSJ is inclusive and welcoming – from our team members, to the children we serve, to the families we license as foster parents. You could play a part in providing homes and hope for children who need a place to be themselves.