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Early Childhood Attachment

Strengthen Relationships

The Early Childhood Attachment program at DABSJ serves caregivers and their children (ages 0-5) to strengthen the parent-child relationship and promote healthy development. The program is helpful for biological, foster, kinship, and adoptive families.


Secure, Healthy Attachment

What does “secure, healthy attachment” mean? It’s about building the bond between caregiver and child, and consistently meeting needs as the child looks to their caregiver as a source of comfort, care, and safety. When that relationship is secure, a child feels safe to explore the environment, learns to regulate emotions, develops empathy and later, can build other healthy relationships. This care in the early years can mean so much for a child’s bright future.

You may benefit from this program if you are a parent experiencing:

Interested in the Early Childhood Attachment program?

Families can access this service if a parent is pregnant or has a child that is 0-4.5  years old. Also, the child (or expectant parent) must be enrolled in Medicaid and living in Kent County. We accept referrals from a variety of sources including physicians, daycare providers, other community services, and families themselves.

For more information or to get started, contact us at or 616.774.3801

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DABSJ is inclusive and welcoming – from our team members, to the children we serve, to the families we license as foster parents. You could play a part in providing homes and hope for children who need a place to be themselves.